Reading Skills

Context Clues

  1. More practice: READ every slide, then answer each question.

Reading Comprehension

  1. Purpose for Writing: Click on each link below. Read each piece and answer the questions.
    1. purpose one
    2. purpose two
    3. purpose four
    4. purpose six
    5. purpose eight
    6. purpose nine
  2. Types of Texts

Main Idea, Topic Sentence, and Supporting Detail

  1. Lesson on Main Idea: Press play and listen to the audio while you read along. Listen and read along with both Example #1 and Example #2. Then, to practice finding the main idea in a paragraph, click the Ants on the A!
  2. What's the Big Idea? This screen will LOOK like Number 1, but it is different!
  3. What is a Supporting Detail 1
  4. Find the Supporting Detail 2
  5. Topic Sentence Writing Tips


  1. Proofreading Skills Quiz: Try to work yourself through all 3 levels
  2. Power Proofreading: Choose 7th grade then select; Around the World, Five O'clock News, E-mail to Debbie, or any one of the mixed practice exercises.
  3. Repairing Run-On Sentences

Fact or Opinion

  1. Fact or Opinion Quiz
  2. Fact/Opinion Quia Quiz

Figurative Language

    1. Idioms: Choose a theme, a game option, and a character to "paint." Play ONLY this funbrain activity, then return to this list.

    2. Country Sayings Exercise (Idioms): Choose the correct answer by clicking on the letter, then arrow forward to the next saying.

    3. Common Sayings Exercise (Idioms): Choose the correct answer by clicking on the letter, then arrow forward to the next saying.

Just for fun...

Magnetic Poems

Poetry word search

Shel Silverstein's website

Idioms with eggs and bunnies


  1. Analogies Game: Pick a one-player to play alone. Pick a two-person game to play with the person next to you.
  2. Analogies Quiz: See how high your score can be.

Synonyms and Antonyms

  1. Synonym Toast
  2. Synonym Race Against the Clock
  3. Antonym Race Against the Clock
  4. Matching Opposites: There are ten levels to this game. Can you beat all ten?

Poetry Links

Poetry Foundation (This is a great link! You can choose poems by type, ie. ballad, haiku, limerick, etc.)

Internet Poetry Archive

Poems by Emily Dickinson

Poems from 1250 - 1900

Shadow Poetry: This link helps you DEFINE the different types of poems.

Some famous poets listed: You can read a sample of various poets' work.



Webster's Dictionary for Kids