School Safety Reminder

Letter to Parents from Mr. Gardner
Posted on 08/13/2019
This is the image for the news article titled Letter to Parents from Mr. GardnerParents, I want to ask for your help. In a new school year, we sometimes need reminding of actions we can take should incidents of concern occur.

We do all that we can to avoid confusion and unneeded stress. Therefore, we would like to point out some specifics of our safety procedures (found in our school handbook) related to reporting any questionable activity, comments, and social media posts.

We have a system in place called Safe Schools Alert, a 24/7 accessible, multiple option (text, email, voicemail, or website) means of communicating ANY bullying, potential threat, suspicious persons on campus, etc. Signs are posted in the building and a link can be found on our website.

Please have a conversation with your child and remind them of the importance of sharing their concerns or fears with a trusted adult and/or using the Safe Schools Alert system.

We know that you entrust your child to our care and we take this responsibility very seriously. To provide the type of care that you expect and deserve, we must all work together. We ask that when you are made aware of a situation you use the Safe Schools Alert or, and this is our preference, call us directly and let us know.

If a message is sent to Safe Schools Alert, we promptly engage district and school administration as well as School Resource Officers and launch an investigation. If there is reason to believe the day to day school routine may be disrupted, we will inform parents.

Informing parents regarding safety issues is a matter we want to limit to trusted communication channels. If there is ever a serious threat to school safety, we call parents as soon as we have confirmed and have viable information to share. We will use our website to keep parents posted as well. We will not use Facebook or other social media. The risk for confusion is too great.

We want to be transparent in our dealings with safety issues – at the point that we can be. Please know that we are never trying to keep parents in the dark. School safety is a community partnership and we appreciate you being our valued partner.