Chapter 1

I get an Invitation to a Possum Camp
Posted on 01/13/2022
This is the image for the news article titled I get an Invitation to a Possum CampAleya
It was 8:00 AM when I heard my mum scream. “ALEYA get down here NOW!” I assumed I was in trouble, so I walked as slowly as possible. I trekked downstairs awaiting my punishment.
“How did you get in!” my mum shrieked, overjoyed! “I didn’t even know you applied!”
“Huh?” I asked still half asleep.
“Honey! You got into Camp Possum! P for Positive, O for Opportunity, S for Smartness, and SUM for Sum of you are here!” Mum explained, “We have to start packing your bags right away! You have to be there by next Tuesday!!” (the camp was in the US and we lived in the UK- it took us a day just to get to New York)
“Mum. MUM! I never applied for a camp- let alone one named Camp Possum.” I explained “Why do I have to go? Can’t you just cancel it? I want to stay here this summer- not in some dodgy summer camp!”
“Aleya I don’t care if you applied or not, if you got accepted you HAVE to go! It’s almost impossible to get accepted there! Here's the list, go pack up, well start on the road tomorrow. Call Milo as well- you guys haven’t talked in a while.” Complained mum.
I didn’t want to go to a camp this summer- not that my mum cared. She thought it was an amazing achievement to be accepted into a place called Camp Possum. I looked down at this list:

Camp Possum Packing List
-Clothes for 3 weeks (pack for the weather)
-Flip Flops
-Water shoes
-A Coat and a Jacket
-Tennis Shoes
-Toothbrush and toothpaste
-An Empty Journal
-A Pen/Pencil
-Flash Light
-Water Bottle
-Sun Screen
-Bug Spray
-Any needed personal items (i.e: stuffed animals, pictures..)
I pulled my suitcase out of my closet, dusted it off, and opened it up, only to be greeted by the sight of dead spiders, “ew ew EW!” I shook the suitcase over the trash and did the same with the backpack I found in the back of my closet.
I picked out about 7 outfits- enough for a week when I relooked the list and recoiled, “3 weeks?! I have to stay at a stupid, naff summer camp for 3 weeks?!” I didn’t feel like arguing about this summer camp anymore with my mother, I was too knackered anyway. I picked out two more weeks' worth of clothes and pajamas, grabbed my sandals, flip flops, and water shoes, and threw them all in the suitcase.
I laid out my outfit for tomorrow. My sneakers, a pair of ripped jeans, a pink tank, and a white windbreaker. I grabbed my swimsuit out of my dresser and ran to my restroom to grab Sun Screen, Bug Spray, Towels, and my Toothbrush and Toothpaste. I put them all into my bags. I put my coat, some extra blankets, and a sleeping bag into my suitcase. I grabbed a flashlight out of my bedside table drawer and put it into the backpack. I grabbed Doggo- my stuffed cat (don’t ask) and threw her into my backpack along with my lucky pen. My list now looked like this:

Camp Possum Packing List
-Clothes for 3 weeks (pack for the weather) ✔
-Swimsuit ✔
-Flip Flops ✔
-Water shoes ✔
-Pajamas ✔
-A Coat and a Jacket ✔
-Tennis Shoes ✔
-Toothbrush and toothpaste ✔
-Bedding ✔
-An Empty Journal
-Pen/Pencil ✔
-Flash Light ✔
-Water Bottle
-Sun Screen ✔
-Bug Spray ✔
-Towels ✔
-Any needed personal items (i.e: stuffed animals, pictures..) ✔
I would buy a journal and a water bottle at the market. I put my portable charger and my cord in my backpack and pulled my phone out.
“Hullo Mates!” I said to my phone while recording, “My Mum is forcing me to go to this Naff camp- Camp Possum! She said it was a BIG honor, but, really, I couldn’t care less! Of course, I’ll be filming my time there- if there is any service. I’ve packed my bags and am ready to go! I have to fly back to the US and stay with Milo for a bit. Speaking of which- I’ve gotta call him! Talk to you all later! This is Aleya signing out!”
I hit the end recording button- ending my live stream. I dialed Milos number
*beep beep beep*
“Miles!” I said into the phone “how's it going?”
“It’s fine, cuz” Replied Milo
“Great! Hey, by the way, I got accepted into this dodgy, idiotic summer camp- Camp Possum.” I said with NO enthusiasm.
“Hey me too! My mamma said you’d be coming down and staying with us for a bit!”
“Yeah! Hey cuz I've gotta go, my mamma finished dinner Holler if ya need me”
I sat in my room for a minute in silence. I didn’t know what to do now. I finally decided to edit one of my older videos. I sat down at my computer and gt to work
“Okay, add some music here- a bit of text here- okay…..”
*Knock knock*
“Hullo?” I asked after hearing the knock.
“Honey?” My mum said walking in, “I’m sorry if you think I'm forcing you to go to this camp- I just think it would be a great experience for you. You hardly get out anymore, always making videos and writing to Maye (Maye was my best friend in America- We became pen pals when we moved). I understand if you don’t want to go”
“Mum, I’ll go. I found out Milo was invited as well, he’ll make it a lot more fun”
“Okay honey- honestly I’m glad. Just let me know if you change your mind. I’ll be downstairs making dinner- your favorite! Love you hon”
“Back at cha!” I responded- smiling. I texted Maye-
Hey! It’s Aleya! I’m coming to America to go to Camp Possum, and so is my cousin. Sadly- I'm excited. Text back soon! You're the best!


She texted back:
Hey! My brother and I got invited as well! I can’t wait to see you! Talk to you later!
After that my mum called me down for dinner- I ate my chicken and mac and cheese, and I went to bed. The next morning we grabbed my bags and flew to America (via airplane) the minute we landed, Milo and his mum were there to pick us up.
Milo and I waited until camp started by catching up and exploring the town. The night before camp- as I lay in my bed trying to sleep, I wonder what adventures I would have at camp. If only I knew what Mr. Possum (camp counselor) had in store.

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Aleya Maye Cameron Milo

Written by Madi Adcock and Blaire Baker