Chapter 2

I Pack For Camp Possum
Posted on 02/11/2022
This is the image for the news article titled I Pack For Camp Possum*Ding*
I’m woken up by Aleya texting me,
Hey! It’s Aleya! I’m coming to America to go to Camp Possum, and so is my cousin. Sadly- I'm excited. Text back soon! You're the best!
I text back,
Hey! My brother and I got invited as well! I can’t wait to see you! Talk to you later!
I kind of wish Aleya would understand the concept that we are in completely different time zones, because I really wish she would stop texting me in the middle of the night. I have enough trouble falling asleep as it is, and so when she wakes me up, I’ll be up for another hour, minimum. Maybe I could go annoy Cameron, my brother. But then he would snitch to Momma. I really hate when he does that. He can solve his own problems, he doesn’t need someone else to do it for him. I have never seen him solve one of his personal problems. It’s insane!
But now done with my silent little rant, I can’t wait to go to Camp Possum! My mom could care less where we went over the summer, as long as we are out of the house, except for sleeping and meals. But sometimes she’ll forget to let us in. But that’s no big deal. She favors Cameron, while my dad, who I barely ever see, favors me. We have had so much fun together in the past. But now, since he went to Yellowstone Park, we haven’t seen him, and that was two years ago. With Camp Possum being in Yellowstone, I hope I’ll get to see him, but that is a dream with a dash of miracle.
Wait, I need to calm my mind to fall asleep, or just focus on one thought. Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles, bubbles, bubbles, bubbles, bubbles, bubbles.
. . .

The next morning…
I wake up with Josephina, our dog, puking all over my bed. I check the clock. 9:48. I should be downstairs, not in bed. Now I wish Aleya would understand timezones. But, at least she knows when I don’t text, I don’t want to talk to her immediately.
Now that I’m done with cleaning Josie’s stuff up, I can now go down and eat breakfast. When I get downstairs, Cameron is already looking at the supplies we need. When he’s done scanning the list he looks up at me and says, “Look who decided to awake her beauty sleep, Princess Aurora.”
I stick out my tongue and reply,” Still sticking with the same taunt from when I was four, Buzz Lightyear?”
“Hey now,” he says,” you are still calling me Buzz from when I liked it from forever ago.”
“ 1. You watched it just yesterday. 2. You loved it, not liked it. 3. It was 5 years ago.” I say.
“ Fine, Miss Technically.” he says smartly
I start to lunge at him, but Momma walks in just then.
“You two should be getting ready for Camp Whatever-It’s-Called.”
“It’s called camp Possum, Momma,” I say.
“Whatever,” she says, exasperated.
I know that ‘whatever’ means the end of a conversation.
“Listen, sis, here’s the list of supplies we’ll need,” Cameron says while handing me the list.
I scan the list. On it are the following:
  Camp Possum Packing List
-Clothes for 3 weeks (pack for the weather)
-Flip Flops
-Water shoes
-A Coat and a Jacket
-Tennis Shoes
-Toothbrush and toothpaste
-An Empty Journal
-A Pen/Pencil
-Flash Light
-Water Bottle
-Sun Screen
-Bug Spray
-Any needed personal items (i.e: stuffed animals, pictures..)

I decide I will start packing tomorrow, when I don’t feel as downcast.

The next day…

Right now, I’m packing my bags. Then I hear a *Ding*. I know it’s Aleya. She’s the only one that ever thinks to text me. No one even attempts to text me.
“Hey, I’m sorry about when I texted you. Do you want me to call?”
I text back,” Sure”
About five minutes later, Aleya calls.
“Hey, what are you doing,” she says over the phone.
“Hey, I’m packing for camp. How about you?” I respond.
“ Same, just got bored,” she says
“Okay,” I say
After that, there is about ten minutes of silence, then
“Alright, I’m going to go. Bye,” Aleya says.
“Okay, bye,” I respond, then I hang up the phone.
Momma knocks on my door and says,” Honey, it’s time to go. Cameron’s already in the car. Get everything you need and be sure to use the restroom. It’ll be a few hours in the car.”
“Okay, Momma,” I respond.