Chapter 4

I’m Finally At Camp P.O.S.Sum
Posted on 04/11/2022
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Aleya and I arrived at Camp P.O.S.SUM 20 minutes before Maye and Cameron arrived, and I- unlike Aleya- went ahead and unpacked all my stuff. Once I was finished I saw Aleya and another girl- long blonde hair, and blue eyes who I assumed was Maye- walking towards me, clearly oblivious to the kid standing in the doorway. I saw another person- a guy I’d bet- with short-ish blonde hair, and blue eyes like his sister. Cameron I thought. I quickly turned and ran toward the dining hall (because I wanted to get away- not because I was scared of human interaction) - catching Aleya’s eye before I was gone. She’d sent me a smile that said I’ll meet up with you later- let me talk to my friend

Once I’d reached the dining hall, I went and searched for somethin to eat. I hadn’t eaten anything except a pack of Great Value Fruit Smiles on the car ride here. I walked over to the 3 fridges (overkill much?) and searched for the first one which was covered in magnets and schedules. I found a cheese stick- which I took, (I know they don’t mind the occasional snack- this was my third summer here) then went to search the cupboards at camp and found a Mega Size box of Great Value Fruit Smiles (don’t judge), and I took the whole box- happy to find it full and unopened.

I walked around camp- taking the long way back to our cabin. When I arrived outside of the cabin I heard someone inside yell “Then why didn’t you tell me she was so cute!” I sounded like the voice I heard on Aleya’s phone calls- Cameron. Some (small- very, very small) part wondered who he was talking about as I walked inside

“Howdy,” I said quietly as I walked in.

“Hello!” Maye responded.

As Cameron walked out, I walked to my bunk and placed the fruit snacks on my bed. “Can I have one?” Maye asked over my shoulder.

“S-sure” I replied hesitantly. She reached over and grabbed a packet of Fruit Smiles.      


I turned around and saw Aleya walking with her red hair down, and her white jacket tied around her waist. I look over at Cameron outside, he was just frozen there and he was blushing like a fool. He shook his head and walk on.

Aleya came over and gave me a hug- almost breaking my ribs.

“Aleya, you're crushing me,” I told her, struggling to breathe. She pulled away, and I gave her an awkward pat on the arm. She then walked over to Maye and did her “secret” handshake (but everyone knows it). 

I looked over at Maye- and felt my face warming up. I grabbed a packet of Fruit Smiles and sat on the bottom bunk. I was struggling to tear the bag open when Maye walked over and opened it for me- with just the slightest smile.

I smiled back.