STEM/Science Club

Sponsors: Mrs. Stephanie Virgin

All meetings:
3:00 - 5:00 p.m.


September 29 (2 hours 3-5)
October 27th (2 hours 3-5)
November 16th (2 hours 3-5)
December 15th (2 hours 3-5)
January 19th (2 hours 3-5)
February 16th (2 hours 3-5)
March 16th (2 hours 3-5)
Prepping for the Cardboard Boat Regatta @DPA
April 20th (2 hours 3-5)
April 27th (2 hours 3-5)
May 14th Cardboard Boat Regatta @DPA (TBA)


Who can join? All students! But, you have to have a C average in all subjects at the end of the first 6-week period. You must maintain a C average in all subjects to stay active in the science club.

Club Dues-None this year, but this could change from year to year depending on supply needs.

Students will be require to attend EVERY meeting.  This is a commitment.  If you are unable to attend, please see Mrs. Virgin so they can approve your absence.  

Maintain a C average

If you receive two detentions or an office referral, you will not be permitted to attend the field trip. 

If you are picked up 10 minutes late, your membership can be revoked. 

Activities: guest speakers, hands-on activities, spring field trip

Registration Form-MMS Science club registration form 2021-2022.docx