Youth Coalition Social Committee

 Sponsors: Mrs. Virgin
Meetings are from 3:00-4:00 
 Meeting Dates

October 6th (1 hour 3-4)
November 10th (1 hour 3-4)
December 1st (1 hour 3-4)
January 5th (1 hour 3-4)
February 2nd (1 hour 3-4)
March 2nd (1 hour 3-4)
April 6th (1 hour 3-4)
May 4th (1 hour 3-4)

Fees-None this year, but this could change depending on supply needs.

Rules-Students are required to attend every meeting.  If you are unable to attend a meeting, please see Mrs. Virgin for an excuse.  

Maintain a C average

No more than two detentions-no office referrals